Carine Thévenau

Our penchant for playgrounds is well played out on our Instagram page, we’ve also mentioned it along with a bunch of pics previously HERE. But it’s only recently that we thought to seek out other’s with a similar obsession. And that is how we came across Carine Thévenau’s beguiling work. Entitled SEASONAL ABANDONMENT OF IMAGINARY WORLDS, Carine documents aging Japanese playgrounds in rural Japan through a series of beautiful and evocative photos.

a glimpse of spacetime paused…

“Thévenau describes the neglected play spaces as a crease in an origami-like structure of spacetime, actively folding into new time frames and thus new landscapes.”

“The playscapes are either abandoned or empty due to seasonal snowfall, but the absence of life creates a space, ripe for the imagination. Although the playgrounds may arouse a nostalgic sensation, a more critical analysis reveals a portrait of place and offers us a glimpse of spacetime paused, yet actively in motion.”

Book details: ISBN 978-0-646-98252-6

INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT: carinethevenau

Tekla Evelina Severin

One glance at Tekla's Instagram account and we were smitten by her ability to extract perfect colourful compositions from both the ordinary and the less obvious places that she visits. 

Tekla Evelina Severin is a multi-talented interior architect who also flexes her creativity (with incredible effect), in art direction, set design and photography.  Tekla is based in Stockholm.




Michael Johansson

"I'm inspired by everyday scenarios, things you pass by and normally don't pay attention to, but that for some reason stands out this particular time. It can be a parking lot filled with cars in the same colour, or that the pants you are wearing have the exact same shade as the chair you just sat down in. Or basically anything you encounter in your daily life but never really paid attention to before." Michael Johansson in an interview with Dazed Magazine

Utilising a plethora of mundane familiar items including discarded furniture and household goods, Swedish Artist Michael Johansson reimagines the possibilities of the ordinary into extraordinary sculptures that evoke "Tetris" feelings in most of us.

I enjoy identifying the various objects he's incorporated into each of his works and also find it so satisfying how all the elements fit together so neatly. I wonder if all the storage spaces in his home are stacked in this way?

All the above photos are taken from Michael Johansson's website. Do visit it for more information and pictures of his work.