Carine Thévenau

Our penchant for playgrounds is well played out on our Instagram page, we’ve also mentioned it along with a bunch of pics previously HERE. But it’s only recently that we thought to seek out other’s with a similar obsession. And that is how we came across Carine Thévenau’s beguiling work. Entitled SEASONAL ABANDONMENT OF IMAGINARY WORLDS, Carine documents aging Japanese playgrounds in rural Japan through a series of beautiful and evocative photos.

a glimpse of spacetime paused…

“Thévenau describes the neglected play spaces as a crease in an origami-like structure of spacetime, actively folding into new time frames and thus new landscapes.”

“The playscapes are either abandoned or empty due to seasonal snowfall, but the absence of life creates a space, ripe for the imagination. Although the playgrounds may arouse a nostalgic sensation, a more critical analysis reveals a portrait of place and offers us a glimpse of spacetime paused, yet actively in motion.”

Book details: ISBN 978-0-646-98252-6

INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT: carinethevenau