Let's Play! Bubble Wrap & Chaka Khan

Here is the start of new section on our blog, and it’s dedicated to play. Playing is learning after all! Here we take what we’ve learned from our section on “Ways to See” and mix it all up with everyday items that we find in our home.

Today we are unpacking and shelving a modest mountain of picture books that arrived with our shipment of belongings from London. Bubblewrap and tissue paper cover all our precious items before being strewn across our books and floor as we unwrap. Bubble wrap over photos has an interesting and tactile effect:

Super Ordinary Life Play Chaka 1.jpg
Super Ordinary Life Play Chaka 2.jpg

Have you ever taken pics on pics under bubble wrap? Send them through, we’d love to add them to this little archive!


#super_ordinarylifeply on Instagram. We’d love it if you shared your playfulness there. We will always credit and link back to you when we use your pics both here or on Instagram.


Send your pictures and friendly words to : Yasumi @ superordinarylife (.) com