Let's Play! Peaches

Peach season is beginning, here in Japan.

I couldn’t resist the first that appeared in our local supermarket. The colours were just irresistible to my eye.

Super Ordinary Life Play Peach 1.JPG
Super Ordinary Life Play Peach 2.JPG
Super Ordinary Life Play Peach 3.JPG

The contrast of textures and the blush hues really appeal to me. I know it’s just a peach. Beyond that though, it’s a beautiful form. Sometimes, in order to nurture our creativity it’s good to look beyond the function and purpose of an object and look at the aspects that appeal to our senses and aesthetic intuition.

Do you also like to play with light and shadow? Got pics that you’d like to share here? Send them through! We’d love to add them to this little archive!


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