Ways To See: The MacGuffin Way

"We find that the objects that are the most interesting are those that don’t try to grab our attention, but really make a difference to our lives"

Kirsten Alegra, MacGuffin

Launched in 2015, MacGuffin is a biannual magazine with values that are strikingly akin to our own. Needless to say, we are natural fans. 

Each edition of MacGuffin is based around a single object. The emphasis is taken away from discussing the design of the featured object, instead, it discusses the historical, cultural and visual stories surrounding it. It's an engaging and enlightening read with genuinely interesting photos that swerve away from the regular types of "hero shots".

Superordinarylife Macguffin 1.jpg
Superordinarylife Macguffin 2.jpg
Superordinarylife Macguffin 3.jpg
Superordinarylife Macguffin 5.jpg
Superordinarylife Macguffin 4.jpg

We read an interview with MacGuffin's co-editor, Kirsten Alergra on Stack Magazines' website  and a lot of what she said resounded with us. It turns out that she too is fascinated with everyday design and also believes that the beauty and interest of an object lies in the way that they are made and used. 

If you are interesting in design from a more human perspective, you would probably like this too.

P.S.  A MacGuffin, in case you were wondering is a plot device used by Alfred Hitchcock.

Macguffin 7