What is a Super Ordinary Thing?

"I think design is in danger of becoming something false and out of tune with real life"

Jasper Morrison

Worshipblues Yanagi 1.jpg

"Super Ordinary Things" are to us,  familiar, mundane objects. They are functional and not necessarily designed for aesthetic appreciation. They are affordable and unpretentious. They are often designed anonymously, and always without the prominence of the designer's ego and without obvious branding.

These are probably objects that we use so habitually, or have become accustomed to seeing so frequently, that we overlook their design attributes. Yet these objects regularly fulfil their purpose and have as a consequence seamlessly permeated our lifestyles. 

We want to showcase such mundane, everyday, unspectacular Super Ordinary Things. Some things will be universally familiar and others will be more familiar to certain cultures or even trades. We hope that by discussing and showcasing some of these things from across the glob, we might inspire a more thoughtful approach to consumerism and what we consider to be examples of good design.