Sesame Grinder - Japan

Sesame grinders are commonplace items in Japan. Although traditional specific pestle and mortars are typical in most kitchens and are a far superior method of pulverising toasted sesame seeds, the grinders have proven their advantage when the latter are not convenient or available.

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The sesame grinders are filled with toasted seeds and held upside down whilst the rotary crank is wound. The ground seeds are then dispensed from a slot at the top of the grinder.  The moulded lid has the double purpose catching loose seeds and keeps the crank in place.

Made of both clear and coloured opaque plastic, they are inexpensive and readily available from almost any homeware and kitchen shop in Japan.  These days they are becoming common features in Ramen joints even outside of Japan.

The most common and perhaps the leading example is the Slicky-N. Made by Kakudai Sangyo Co Ltd in Nagoya City.