Super Ordinary Life’s First Zine



It was a daunting, anxiety ridden, compelling experience. An exercise in battling a crippling sense of self-doubt and criticism that would throw thorny thoughts in my way all day……But one thought prevailed every single time…..”I HAVE TO GET THIS OUT OF MY HEAD”

I started making the zine via an app during the sleepy moments when my then newborn son just wanted to hang onto me. Sometimes, in the small hours, I just couldn’t nap with him - my mind was wide awake - so I dreamed up my zine and filled it with Super Ordinary Life moments caught on my iPhone.

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So here it is! My little zine that is part printed by an independent photo book maker here in Tokyo. Part hand written and hand finished. Part printed on my little inkjet printer at home. It’s a bit like a scrapbook. A bit like a photo book. It’s hand annotated and has things stuck inside it with glue. The bits that I could stick together are held in place with a steel slide clip (a very super ordinary stationery item here in Japan).

It is a playful thing with a few surprises inside all there to nudge you into noticing more. There are also some quiet details that my stationery fanatic friends will like. Things like the pink Rivoli paper, or the Yamato sticky note tape, the hand pressed clear DYMO label, or even the Good Design award winning slide clip (demo worth another mention).

Every single zine is different. Mainly because I am perfectly incapable of precise consistency and repetition, but also because that is what Super Ordinary Life is about - imperfection, variation and a human-touch, in a world laden with standardised mass made things.

Now that my zine is “out there” in the world, or at least tucked in a few shelves scattered across the globe, there’s a little hole left in my time. So…..I’m going with the flow of things and working on a couple more Super Ordinary Life self-published things. And yes, that does include a follow-up issue of a Field Guide To Noticing More.

Thank you! All you lovely people that bought a copy and told others about it. THANK YOU!!

Any money that I make helps me keep this website going by paying for hosting, my domain, emails etc, do heaps of research (which sometimes involves buying books and going to events), start new projects and add more facets to Super Ordinary Life!

If you would like a copy of your own, you can buy one here.

If you don’t fancy the zine but still want to show your support, you could buy me a coffee….