Super Ordinary Life
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“Seeing is not a unique God-given talent, but a discipline. It can be learned.”

— George Nelson

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"Awareness, when awakened, has a tendency to spread and expand”.

— George Nelson

Welcome to Super Ordinary Life.

We just want to share and encourage people to experience the pleasure of noticing more.

Through this blog and our Instagram account; we hope to reawaken a sense of wonder and ignite that “seeing with fresh eyes” sensation even in the most unlikely and mundane moments of everyday life. By switching off autopilot, we can enable ourselves to live less complacently and realise that beauty, inspiration and good design exists everywhere.

Switch off autopilot.

And just notice more.

Life can grind us down, the routines and to-do lists can switch us onto autopilot. We then go from here to there with blinkers on; complacent to the everyday excellence around us.

There are countless Super Ordinary sights around us. A multitude of details that are often overlooked. Yet when noticed, they can be satisfying to acknowledge. When observed, they silently reveal much about the way we live. To get the ball rolling and the fresh eye feeling going, we share all the great things we like to notice and to shine the spotlight on a different aspect of urban life that you might’ve stopped noticing.


There are many ways to see



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Looking beyond the function of the objects in our life, we are curious about what they look like in sunlight. Concentrating instead on colour, form, texture, emotion and context, we explore a more creative side of Super Ordinary Life.

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