Super Ordinary Life - A Field Guide To Noticing More

Super Ordinary Life - A Field Guide To Noticing More


A Field Guide to Noticing More is my first zine to accompany the Super Ordinary Life blog and Instagram account. It's basically a friendly nudge and intro to get people noticing more everyday excellence within the mundaneness of everyday life.

Though most of if isn’t, a few bits are borrowed from my website and Instagram account. It felt weird not to include these sections in the context of the zine. The zine itself is tactile, the main body is printed (by a photo book company here in Japan) and it includes loads of hand crafted elements alongside sections printed on my little inkjet printer at home.

This zine was a proper labour of love and something I felt both anxious about creating and utterly compelled to do so. I haven’t included many product shots because I would like there to be an element of surprise for each new owner. But I can tell you that it’s imperfect, unpolished, a bit raw, experimental, quirky and playful and has a few surprises that will hopefully make you smile. And with all the handmade elements? It means that each copy is unique.

A quick rundown on the details. Read the following carefully before you make the decision to buy one: 

  • Small batch printed and made zine.

  • A5  paper back

  • Glue bound and a stainless steel slide clip (very ordinary here in Japan) to keep handmade inserts from running away.

  • 32 pages with 5 A6 inkjet printed inserts and some added mixed media surprises. 

  • Hand lettered dust jacket with embossed tape label. 

  • Price is in £GBP 

  • Zines will be posted from Tokyo via standard airmail ON MONDAYS ONLY.

Proceeds from the sale of this zine will go towards keeping the Super Ordinary Blog going and growing. Thank you very much for taking a look and for your support.

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