Notice More: Pomegranate in the Sun

I know it’s just a pomegranate that I cut up. It’s nothing special. It’s a very ordinary thing to do.

But that particular afternoon, the midday sun was particularly bright and that seems to make the colours of the pomegranate on my tray pop! Visually, it was as delicious as the fruit itself.


It is possible that I am visually more attracted to such vivid colours within everyday moments because I am currently floating through that foggy time of new motherhood. The colourful sight is the opposite of my blurry countenance and somehow that is really uplifting in spite of the lack of sleep, cabin fever, stress, isolation and monotony that are part and parcel of life with a newborn.

But at the end of the day, it’s just a pomegranate. Sliced and trickling redness from sitting in full sight of the midday sun whilst I marvel at it and take a few photos. But it is also a mood elevating and satisfying moment emerging from something mundane. There is magic in that.

P.S. Just in can you are wondering, all pics are taken with my VSCO on my iPhone 8 and edited haphazardly with VSCOX