Light + Shadow Play : 1

I wonder when we begun to grow so indifferent to the most basic marvels in our world, such as  air, water and light. When did we begin to simply accept  them as self-evident background conditions?

We live on the banks of the River Lea and right beside a small network of old canals that were once valuable infrastructure to London in an era of industrial revolution.

Super Ordinary Life Under The Bridge 1.jpg








These days, the walkways along these waterways are sleepy and largely silent. That doesn't mean that these once industrial paths don't harbour unexpected and overlooked treasures of their own. 


During the transition between Spring and Summer, before the sun rises to its zenith and still is still able to peek under the eaves of the railway bridge, and if the sun is bright enough to make the murky waters sparkle, a rare bit of magic unfolds for the unsuspecting observer to discover. 

We find it impossible not to stand and stare at the spectacle of light and shadow in collision under the bridge. Dancing reflections coruscate across the underbelly of the bridge and the banks of the river. Reflections reflected onto water. It's a beautiful sight yet most people walk hurriedly past. Occasionally someone will stop and look to see what we are looking at.