Let's Play! Projected Textures, Plants and Tennis Balls

“Light is magic. Light is life. Our World is made of light”

Mark Major

The fascination with aspects of light and shadow is very much a lifestyle for us. Recently I have been exploring the patterns and textures that light and shadow create within our home. When I took this particular set of pictures, London was in the middle of an unusually warm Autumn which meant that the low angle sun was more intense as it filtered through our windows. The result were, well…..gorgeous to observe and great to play with, too.

uper Ordinary Life Playing with Shadows 2.JPG
uper Ordinary Life Playing with Shadows 3.JPG
Super Ordinary Life Playing with Shadows 1.JPG

“Light itself has no texture…

yet it can appear to have texture by hitting particles in the air or manipulating surfaces. Light can create a pattern or dissolve it.”

Mark Major.

Thinking of shadows as a form of texture might not seem very obvious but taking a few moments to play with the shadows that appear in our homes is an engaging and hands-on way to notice more and begin to understand the “magic” of light. Simply plonking an object into an interesting shadow is all it really takes. Give it a go!

Light is fundamental to our vision and perception. Vision being what we see and perception being what we think we see. Whilst light itself has no texture, all material does. Light reveals texture and this is verified by touch. ‘Visual texture’, is interesting because whilst only looking at a surface light can reveal a perceived texture we may then find that touching the surface reveals something quite different from what we expect. So in this respect, light can actually play with us through its ability to alter our perception of texture creating an interesting and surprising illusion.

Do you also like to play with light and shadow in this way? Perhaps this blog post might inspire you to experiment with projected textures, too? Got pics that you’d like to share here? Send them through! We’d love to add them to this little archive!


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